Things to Do in Anguilla

It’s very relaxing to stay put at your resort in Anguilla — but its well worth exploring the island, whether on land or by sea.



Anguilla Day Trips & Charters

It’s important to get out on the water and see the destination from a new perspective. Anguilla charter companies offer half-day trips that circumvent Anguilla, but also visit smaller, uninhabited spits of sand like Dog Island and Prickly Pear Island. Rates range from $120 for a semi-private excursion to $600 for a private excursion. Some boat charter companies offer 2.5 hour sunset sails ($175 per person) that include champagne cocktails, cheese, and charcuterie.



Horseback riding in Anguilla

Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful beach sunset stroll by horseback? You'll find this refreshing experience possible at Seaside Stables found at Anguilla's Cove Bay.

Home to a handful of gentle horses, Seaside Stables offers horseback riding experiences any time of day, and even during full moon! Most of the rides are at Cove Bay, a beautiful beach along the island's southern coast where you'll enjoy a pleasant sea breeze.

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Anguilla Dolphin Park

*Reopening at the end of 2018*

Dolphin Discovery at Blowing Point Beach affords you the opportunity to swim with dolphins or an "encounter" session where you'll get a hug, handshake, and a kiss from some of these friendly marine mammals. Adult prices run from about $100 and up (discounts for kids) and can include such "royal treatment" experiences as being towed across a lagoon by the dolphin's dorsal fin or pushed by their nose against your feet -- the dolphins' power is startling!



Swimming and snorkeling in Anguilla

Anguilla has 33 beautiful beaches, each with a different charm, all with glistening white sand and aquamarine waters. If you are not staying at Zemi Beach House, rent a chair from one of the many restaurants near the main entrance of Shoal Bay East, which has unbeatable snorkeling. Shoal Bay West, on the other end of the island, has no beach facilities, so pack a picnic lunch before you go.

Half-mile long Savannah Bay (also called Junks Hole Bay) is also known for snorkeling; a small reef protects the beach. For the ultimate cast away experience, visit Little Bay, accessibly only by boat or by shimmying down a rope slung over a cliff.

Meads Bay, home to the Four Seasons, Frangipani, and Malliouhana, is a two-mile long beach that has great waves. There are also several restaurants there (Waves, Ocean Echo) should you just want to drop by for lunch.



Offshore Islands & Cays

You can't properly visit Anguilla without spending some time in a boat, and a trip to Anguilla's offshore islands for a day of snorkeling, picnicking, and lounging on deserted beaches is the best way to spend some fun time on the water. Popular destinations include Prickly Pear Cay and Sandy Island. Or, have your captain drop you off at Little Bay: sure, you can get to this small beach by land, but that requires scaling a steep cliff by rope, so the boat is definitely the better option!



Anguilla Island Tours

Anguilla can easily be toured by car in a couple of hours - simply hire a local taxi driver to take you around or book an island tour with us to get an informative overview of Anguilla's history and natural wonders. The Anguilla National Trust also runs heritage tours that focus on history, including the 10 stops along the Anguilla Heritage Trail, such as the Wallblake House and the Old Salt Factory.


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