Anguilla Island Facts

Government: British Overseas Territory

Capital: The Valley

Size: 35sq miles, 16 miles long by 3 miles wide at the widest point

Population: 14,886 (per last census)

Electricity: 110/120v (same as in the United States)

Currency: The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) is the official currency of Anguilla. The U.S. Dollar is accepted throughout the island.

Language: The official language of Anguilla is English.

Location: Anguilla is located in the Leeward chain of islands, east of Puerto Rico. In fact, it is the most northern island in all of the Caribbean Sea. Its coordinates are 18.2206° N, 63.0686° W.

Climate: The island of Anguilla has a tropical climate, which means it’s typically hot all year round, with a slightly cooler period from December through March, and a hotter period from May through October. Tropical sea breezes cool the island!

Terrain: The terrain is flat, Anguilla is a low-lying island of coral and limestone.

Time Zone: Anguilla’s timezone is GMT/UTC – 4h.

Traffic: Vehicles drive on the LEFT side of the road.